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At Rocky Mountain Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine our patients experience the best in a well rounded and complete acupuncture care plan. We understand that everyone is different and is experiencing different ailments both minor and major. That is why we will custom tailor a individual care plan designed specifically to your needs. Becoming a patient here is a great leap forward in managing and maintaining your health. Our patients experience a wide variety or treatment at our modern acupuncture facility.

Here at our Acupuncture clinic treatments are designed to help you move past your health problem as fast as possible. We utilize modern and traditional acupuncture therapies with every patient. The core treatment that we offer stems from traditional acupuncture practices rooted in centuries of trial and error. The mainstay acupuncture treatments revolve around assessing and diagnosing the main problem areas of the body, and using acupuncture needles to stimulate the body helping it to regain proper function and neurological signaling through the stimulation of acupuncture points.

Types of Acupuncture Treatments

The many ways in which we do this are completely dependent on the patient and the problem at hand. Most of the time patients will experience a type of acupuncture called Meridian Style Acupuncture this for of acupuncture dates back centuries and uses the well know acupuncture channels for diagnosis and treatment of many common ailments. Other forms of treatment include Distal Needling Acupuncture now popularized by the name of The Balance Method and Tung style acupuncture. These two forms of acupuncture utilize areas away form the torso and focus on needling select specialized areas on the extremities that effectively mirror the problem area creating a type of neurological feed back mechanism there by relaxing treating the problem area. Here at Rocky Mountain Acu we are also well versed and trained in Motor Point Acupuncture. This form of acupuncture was developed in the late 90’s and focused more on western science and how to stimulate a muscle correctly to enlist a proper neurological response where the muscle and surrounding soft tissue “reset” in a sense and revert to a more balanced and relaxed, functional state, eliminating pain a increasing function. The use of electro acupuncture is often utilized at our clinic as well. This type of treatment involved putting a small, gentle current of electricity into the metal needles and into the surrounding muscle and soft tissue.

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How Long Do Treatments Take

Acupuncture treatments range in variety and efficiency. We have seem great results with most common health problems in today’s world. For the majority of people who are experiencing muscular skeletal pain, joint pain, female related issues, insomnia, anxiety, and addiction acupuncture has proven to be one of the more effective natural therapies. There are of course conditions that acupuncture proves to be less effective for. For a complete list of conditions treated effectively with acupuncture please click the blue hyper link.

Patients of Rocky Mountain Acu can expect to be seen anywhere between 4-20 times for their current problem. However, most patient see results with in 4 treatments. Treatments are  typically condensed at first and spread out over time. The point of this is to provide enough stimulation to the body in the beginning in order that the nervous system can snap out of its chronic holding pattern. This will then allow qi and blood to flow smoothly helping the body function at a more optimal level. As treatments continue, the body will began to develop a memory of sorts, allowing for less and less treatment until symptoms are minimal or non existent. At this time, patients will be advised how often they should return usually every 6-8 weeks to maintain optimal functioning of the previous treated health problem.

Why Acupuncture is Effective

Acupuncture is a wonderful way to restore health function and remove pain. However, it is by no means able to completely cure stubborn diseases and there for should be seen as a way to keep the body healthy just like healthy eating or exercise. We have seen amazing results in out clinic with very stubborn and difficult cases, and at the same time we have seen things that seem minor not respond. The efficiency of treatment always comes down to how well a patient takes care of them selves and how well they commit to a treatment plan.

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