Natural, Effective and Proven Treatment for Endometriosis

Helping women significantly reduce and even completely eliminate their endometriosis symptoms without drugs or surgery.

Seth is incredible! He is extremely knowledgeable about all areas of Chinese medicine, not just acupuncture. He really takes the time to listen to his patients, and then treats the whole body. After just two sessions I have started to see marked improvement in my health. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Dr. Carol K.

Are you one of the many women who experience Endometriosis symptoms such as...

  • Periods that are so painful and heavy that they cause you to miss work?
  • Extreme pain during ovulation?
  • Pain between periods that never seems to end?
  • Infertility?

Our Unique Blend of Natural Therapies Work Well for Endometriosis Symptoms, Including....

Unpredictable flow and period time.

No periods

Heavy Periods

Irregular Periods


Severe Abdominal Pain



Breast tenderness and pain

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Experience a life free from irregular period cycles. Where hormones are balanced and having a child is possible and easy.

The diagnosis of Endometriosis comes with many complicating symptoms. These symptoms often cause a severe impact on the quality of ones life. Many modern treatments include surgery pain medications and hormonal medications.


Why Our Treatments for PCOS Work Better Than Others.

Treating the root cause of the problem

Our process includes finding and attacking the actual root cause of your endometriosis. By taking a ground up approach we are able to effectively treat and overcome your endometriosis.

We use a natural approaches that have worked for thousands of years

In just a short amount of time many women will experience significant relief from the pain and discomfort associated with endometriosis.

Improve the bodies natural healting abilities

Once your body is working correctly we will have to do very little to keep it working. We love our patients but results are the most important.

We keep it simple

Our process is very straight forward. We teach simple practices that you can do at home to take your health into your own hands from day one.

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How We Treat Endometriosis Naturally

1. Core Systems Eval

Core systems evaluation. Our intake process outlines everything that you are experiencing and why. Our time tested diagnostic methods are highly accurate and effective.

2. Treatment Plan

This is where we come up with a clear and concise treatment plan. We outline your symptoms related to Endometriosis and how long you can be expected to be seen at our clinic.

3. Acupuncture Tx

Targeted acupuncture therapy to improve the circulation of blood in the lower abdomen. Our acupuncture is tailored to each persons specific needs.

4. Custom Herbal Rx

Administration of high quality, effective personalized herbal formulas. The herbs we use help to break down the fibrous tissue associated with endometriosis, there by alleviating the painful symptoms at hand.

5. Self Care

Gasotransmitter therapy. We teach you simple breathing exercises that are powerful! These are yours to practice, they solidify the progress you have made in clinic and now can continue on your own.

6. Infrequent Follow up

Stabilization of symptoms and care. Here he work to make sure the improvement you have made sticks.

Treating Endometriosis Effectively with Acupuncture and TCM


Treating Endometriosis with acupuncture yields effective results fairly quickly. Patients that commit to care should see improvement in the quality of their cycle and a reduction of pain. The combination of both acupuncture and herbs often yields the best results with used together. 

Scientific Based Acupuncture

Effective acupuncture therapy specifically applied to the presentation of Endometriosis.

Evidence Based Herbal Medicine

High quality herbal supplements backed by time and tradition that are both scientifically tested and verified for effectiveness.

Gasotransmitter Therapy

Learn effective self care practices to improve the circulation of blood and lymph in the body. Take charge of your own nervous system with these simple exercises.

Lifestyle Modification and guidance

Individualized help to take control of your life. We help you develop healthy habits to combat the poor habits developed from being sick.

Your Initial Consultation is Always Free.

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How the Process Works

1. Free Initial Consult

Free 3o minute consult to make sure we are a good fit to work together.

2. Detailed Assessment and Treatment plan.

This is where we come up with a clear and concise treatment plan. We outline your symptoms related to Endometriosis and how long you can be expected to be seen at our clinic.

Active Treatment

This is where your symptoms begin to improve. You should notice marked changes in the symptoms you came in with. This entails weekly acupuncture and herbal medicine most of the time.

4. Transformational Care

You are feeling better and your symptoms are dissolving. Your mood is improved and your cycle has stabilized.

5. Self Care

We make sure you understand how to take care of your self out side of the clinic. Although we love our patients we are here for results.

6. Helping you friends and Family.

Part of getting well is helping others to get well as well. Refferals from friends and loved ones is the best possible thing you can give back to the clinic. Creating a place where people can come and receive the help they need is why we do what we do.

Common Questions

How Long Will it take to See Results

Patients that under go treatment with acupucnture will typically see positive results in a few weeks. More often than not those who suffer from Endometriosis will experience an improvement in their cycle and better energy after 8-12 treatments.

How many times do you have to be seen

Treatment with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine will vary depending on each individual. However on average most patients are seen for around 3-5 months. In the first 2 months patients should notice marked improvement in their cycle, flow and energy. Around months 4-5 many women report better energyand success with pregnancy.

Does Acupuncture Cure Endomertiosis

It is possible to acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to help change the fibrous tissue that has grown around the uterus.  However each patient is different and our goal here is improvement in the quality a patients life. 

How does Acupuncture Heal Endometriosis

Acupuncture works to dilate blood vessels and relax soft tissue to help reduce inflammation in the lower abdominal area and uterus. 

How Does Chinese Medicine Help with Endometriosis

Chinese Herbal Medicine is capable of directly attacking the fibrous tissue in the lower abdomen. Chinese herbs can work to clean and facilitate blood circulation better than many western medications can.

What are my chances of success with natural therapies?

success rates always vary based on many factors. However patients that stick to the course of treatment will see many beneficial results in a fairly short time.

What some of our patients have to say

“I was recently diagnosed with a skin condition called lichen planus after going on a new Blood Pressure medication.  I was introduced to Seth through another practitioner I new and within 2 weeks of seeing him the severe itchy rash that I was experiencing had disappeared!”

Carol C.

I have dealt with the symptoms of interstitial cystitis for a few years now. After having been to countless doctors who kept telling me I had a kidney infection I began to give up hope. I saw Seth for about 3 months and during this time he was able to effectively treat my condition allowing me to live a more comfortable life.

Emily Z.

I would recommend Seth’s services to anyone looking for a skilled acupuncturist. His treatments for my back and neck have helped me stay active in cross-fit for the last several years.

Matt F.

After a recent flare up of central serous retinopathy, I was refereed to Seth by a friend. His acupuncture treatments helped reduce the glare and blur in my vision. Needless to say his treatments were effective and fast.

Eric P.

Seth has been my health care practitioner for several years. He has treated me successfully for several problems, including a neck and shoulder injury, depression/anxiety and gastrointestinal disorder. He has always been attentive, thorough and intentional and I trust him completely. He actually listens and I’m confident that he will work diligently to solve any problem that I bring to him.

Cyndi R.

The clear understanding of Chinese Medicine that Seth can clearly articulate and convey when I have a question never ceases to amaze me. 

Cord D.

Coming from a physical therapy background I was slightly skeptical of acupuncture but Seth does a great job of integrating Eastern and Western approaches to tailor treatments to the individual. I would highly recommend his services.

Kevin K. DPT

Seth is truly a gifted healer. I am incredibly blessed to have found this clinic and to have found a practitioner with such incredible skills, knowledge, and compassion. The experience I had at Rocky Mountain Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine was above and beyond anything I could have hoped for. Seth listened to my needs and goals for my visit and developed a personalized treatment plan for me. He created an environment where I felt heard, understood, and comfortable. Seth also takes the time to teach his patients, which I find admirable. He is unique to many acupuncturists I have been treated by in the past, as he has an unmatched understanding of Chinese medicine. The addition of Chinese Medicine to my treatment plan truly enhanced my experience. I will never see another practitioner after the incredible experience I have had with Seth and I would recommend him to anyone!

Tiann H.

Seth Drake is very calming and highly skilled and after 4 days of having headaches and pain in my head I can tell this will be my best answer to recovering. Highly recommended! I never had acupuncture done before today and I am glad I went. Totally worth any expense and time. There’s no price on your well being and Doctors in hospitals just treat you like a number.

Mica L.


Have an open mind and what Seth can do for you will amaze you! Thanks for getting me in today.

Randy E.

Visiting Seth’s office has been one of the most pleasant experiences. I started seeing him for an extremely painful pinched nerve in my neck that I had been fighting for months and after several attempts at fixing it (professional massages, stretching, etc.). I was becoming extremely discouraged. I started to inquire about acupuncture and found Seth’s practice via Google search and saw the reviews. Let me just say, we’re not being paid to write these reviews, he’s just truly that good at what he does. He’s extremely intelligent and will answer any question you throw at him with the most in-depth, informative answers. I’ve been going for about 2 months now and my pinched nerve is pretty much healed, along with seeing improvements in other areas of my health. During my first visit with Seth, without me divulging much information at all, he pretty much diagnosed multiple other things I was battling but not fully aware of and has treated those issue without me even asking and for that, I am thankful. All I can say is I was pretty skeptical at first, but I have converted into a true advocate… Especially for Seth’s practice.

Brittany G.

I’ve never used acupuncture before this experience. I’m suffering from aggressive prostate cancer that is now attacking my bones. I was running out of options in dealing with the pain and Seth knowledge and ability was a surprising benefit.

Michael C.

I was very hesitant with trying acupuncture, cupping, and energy work since you truly never know if it really is going to work. But after working with Seth a few times a month, most of my injuries that seemed to linger and just never really get better started to disappear! I’ve been physically active my entire life and demand a lot from my body and I’ve tried everything under the sun to help fix joint issues, to torn muscle problems. Nothing has made my body feel this good in a long time and I thank Seth for listening to me, and really focusing on areas that needed treatment. Not once did I ever feel like he wasn’t hearing me or that I left a session not feeling better. Like anything else, you need to stick with it and understand that one session isn’t going to fix everything, but a few time a month and before you know it, you’re questioning why you never started this earlier!!

Jared M.

An enthusiastic five star, thumbs up from me! Seth’s acupuncture treatments made a huge difference in eliminating what had been chronic leg and back pain. And he had me back in the gym in a couple of weeks after a hamstring injury. Especially nice he’s just minutes away in Arvada.

Julie B.

Amazing experience for body, mind and spirit. I was referred to Seth after my automobile accident. He has been patient with my treatments, informative of the way he treats and why he treats certain areas per session, supportive of my emotional health, is extremely knowledgeable in his profession, honest and down to earth. I’m now a believer that acupuncture, cupping etc. works just as well as regular medical techniques. Holistic in combination with chemical treatment (conventional medicine) worked for my pains & aches. Thank you so much, Seth, you are the best!

Takesha J.

Seth really helped me when I was faced with needing orthopedic back surgery to remove a portion of a pinched disc between my L5/S1 that was resting on my sciatic nerve.

Constant pain and increasing numbness from my left hip through to my foot was part of my day to day life.

Both my MRI technician and physical therapist advised me to immediately see an orthopedic surgeon. Six weeks went by before my consultation appointment. The orthopedic surgeon was shocked that I was the same person as the one in the MRI he was reviewing.

During those six weeks, Seth’s bedside manner and healing style helped motivate me to focus on my recovery in healthy ways. With Seth’s guidance, along with multiple sessions of acupuncture and cupping, I was able to reduce the disc’s protrusion onto my sciatic nerve. I was able to walk correctly again without pain in my leg, and the numbness had gone away completely.

Six months later, I am still doing well with ongoing maintenance, and am back doing kickboxing and Muay Thai training again! No surgery was needed.

Thanks, Seth!

Brett M.

Amazing knowledge of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. Helped me deal with a serious medical issue which is now gone thanks to Seth. He’s continuing to help me with other more minor issues and having great results!

Linda F.

As a disabled veteran I have received some of the best care of my life here. With all of my injuries and concerns he was able to help me deal with severe pain, mobility issues, and correcting bad movement patterns in my ankle. This has given me more freedom to live despite the injuries. I recommend this with everything I am.

Devin W.

Seth is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain everything. Such a fascinating practice and I feel a positive difference with every visit. I can’t wait to try the Chinese herbs! It’s been great that my sleep is improving at night.

Tracie W.

I started going for a wonky knee… still going weekly for my back and neck. Stress reduction seems to just be a bonus side effect. I’ve even seen dramatic results when I had a chest cold. I’ve never experienced such a profound and immediate effect. I go weekly and it feels like it improves my quality of life greatly. Less stress and less body pain…


Skeptical going in…. thrilled with REAL results. Wish I’d found Seth Drake sooner. Treatments on a very painful shoulder-and success! Would not hesitate to have more treatments on anything, and can’t recommend him highly enough. In disbelief over how good I feel now compared to when I started just four weeks ago. Don’t suffer or dull your pain with drugs. FIX what’s ailing you. A bonus- very professional, comfortable environment!
Debbee C.
I started seeing Seth for some unresolved wrist and low back pain. I had seen several other practitioners with little to no results. Seth took the time to really listen to my problems and dig deep to uncover the true cause of my problems. I’ve have been under treatment for about a month now and my wrist pain is completely gone and I’ve seen significant improvement in my low pain. I would highly recommend Seth Drake and Rocky Mountain Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine! I will be sending my husband in for insomnia and digestive issues.
Jennfer A

Seth is amazing and does a great job for his patients. He is very skilled at what he does. I highly recommend him!

Ryan S.

Seth is an amazing and professional provider, where his knowledge and deep understanding of various ailments is easily explained through his kind and personable treatment. Seth has a wealth of knowledge and experience that shines through his dedication to his patients and care for everyone and their treatments.

Nathan H.

Seth is amazing. His knowledge of the body, acupuncture, and herbal medicine is matched by no one. He is constantly teaching me new ways to improve my life and stay healthy. I’ve gotten excellent results under his care.

Cindie D.

Seth is incredible! He is extremely knowledgeable about all areas of Chinese medicine, not just acupuncture. He really takes the time to listen to his patients, and then treats the whole body. After just two sessions I have started to see marked improvement in my health. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Dr. Carol K.

Seth and the team over at RMACM are great! I’ve been getting my knee treated for soreness for a few weeks (which has been going great) and in the middle I caught a nasty cold. I told Seth about it, he treats colds/flus, and he told me to come in. he stayed late just to help me out! after 1 treatment I was at 80% the next day… and 100% the day after. just in time for a big conference I needed to be at! Thanks for the ongoing help! Hidden gem that won’t be hidden for much longer… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Steven K.

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