Seth Drake L.Ac, MSOM

Seth is a board certified acupuncturist accredited with the NCCAOM and a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Colorado and South Carolina. Seth received his acupuncture and Chinese Medical training at South West Acupuncture College in Boulder, CO. During his time in school, Seth studied and interned with well known practitioners, gaining rich experiences demonstrating the possibilities of Chinese Medicine. Fascinated by the traditional concepts of how the body worked his studies continue out side of school with many well known practitioners through out the world. After running his first clinic at the age of 26 in Boulder, Colorado, Seth spent several years working for a large multidisciplinary clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado. During this time he worked closely with a variety of health practitioners in the fields of Chiropractic, Physical therapy, massage, and functional medicine. This, in turn, helped to form a thorough understanding of what acupuncture and Chinese medicine excelled at treating and what it did not.

During this time Seth began traveling to China every year to study with Doctors specializing in difficult to treat conditions such as autoimmune disorder, dermatology and sports medicine. Seth still makes regular trips to China and Thailand to continue expanding his understanding of the limits of Chinese Medicine. Over the last 10 years Seth has come to value the results that he has clinically seen in the treatment of dermatology, auto-immune diseases infertility, sports medicine, anxiety and allergies.

Outside of his clinical practice. Seth he enjoys spending time in the outdoors. Spending a good deal of time in the mountains, hiking, backpacking, and boating on the lake. Seth has been a life long practitioner of martial arts and East Asian meditative practices. If you were to ask him what lead him to want to become an acupuncturist, Seth would most likely reply a literal obsession to try and understand what “Qi” was. However, the truth would be that he suffered a fairly severe hip injury in early high school. After about a year of Physical Therapy nothing was really improving. It was not until early college that Seth gave acupuncture a try. Unsure of what to expect, 2 treatments resulted in 85% reduction in the pain. At that point, Seth decided to change the course of his education from Physical Therapy school to acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Seth currently lives in Six Mile South Carolina.

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