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Rocky Mountain Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is a local acupuncture clinic located in Arvada CO. We use time tested methods of traditional medicine to facilitate the healing process. We have specialties in infertility, orthopedic sports medicine, dermatology and anxiety/depression to name a few. The services provided here are geared towards each patient individually. So no matter if you care coming in for low back pain or insomnia the treatment you receive here is unique to you. We offer a variety of different modalities from traditional and modern styles of acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, life style coaching and energy work.

If you are a resident in Arvada or are just visiting, here is a list of a few things to do in Arvada, CO.

The Top Three Things to Do in Arvada, Colorado

Whether you are visiting the beautiful Arvada, Colorado for the day or are a local looking to discover more of your own town, the city offers something for everybody! No matter where you are from or what your interests are, Arvada provides the perfect balance between an old-style community feel and stunning nature.

Here are the best thing things to do when you are in Arvada:

Visit Downtown Arvada

Also known as Olde Town Arvada, the city’s historic downtown district offers the charm of turn-of-the-century small town America combined with a wide range of shops, boutiques and events that everybody can enjoy. The discovery of gold quickly grew the town when direct railroad lines to Denver were built, before it slowly transformed into the vibrant downtown setting it is today.

A Historic Feel
What truly sets downtown Arvada apart from most cities is the preservation of its historic influence. The ‘Main Street America’ feel has been maintained due to its inclusion as a Historical Places registry, meaning that the classic 19th-century architecture still adorns the street, despite being updated to house modern shops, restaurants and more.

A Contemporary Touch
While the historical aspect of Olde Town Arvada is something to marvel at, the downtown core boasts a wide variety of fantastic shops, boutiques, eateries, bars and more. The relaxed feel blends perfectly with some active nightlife to offer an exciting experience both during the daylight and once the sun sets.

Events, Events, Events
The Olde Town Arvada Business Improvement District is always throwing a wide range of events ranging from outdoor concert series to art walks to on-street markets. Perfect for everybody ranging from families to singles, there is always something innovative and artistic happening in downtown Arvada!

Visit Hyatt Lake

In the Arvada area and looking to experience picturesque landscapes, tranquil nature and enjoy a fantastic hike? Then visiting Hyatt Lake, which is located in the Cascade Mountains, is exactly what you are looking for. With 745-acres of beautiful, undisturbed nature, Hyatt Lake offers a variety of outdoor activities that nature lovers can’t get enough of.

Camping in Hyatt Lake
The Wildcat Campground in Hyatt Lake opens towards the end of May and sometime in October (depending on the weather), providing you with an entire summer of camping opportunities! With a 14-day camping limit, you and your family can enjoy up to two weeks of the great outdoors in a safe, secure and friendly setting.

Gone Fishin’
As a ‘no-wake lake’ that features a 10mph speed limit, Hyatt Lake is a top destination in Colorado for fishing. Specializing in small mouth bass and lake trout fishing, anglers from across the state come to take advantage of the peaceful environment and top class fishing experience.

Premium Facilities
When you visit Lake Hyatt, you have a wide range of accommodations for both the day and night. The Mountain View Group Shelter offers an amazing view over Mt. McLoughlin during the day, even featuring a fireplace to keep warm while enjoying the landscape. Looking to BBQ? The Osprey Kitchen can seat up to 40 people under the covered cooking area which includes a grill, group fire ring, walk-in tent and more.

With 56 campsites, as well as two boat ramps and docking options, Hyatt Lake is a fantastic spot for boaters to enjoy.

Visit Hyatt Lake in the Winter
Once the summer ends and the campground closes, you can still enjoy Hyatt Lake! With cross-country skiing, sledding and snowshoeing all available during the winter, it is the ideal spot to enjoy some snow. Plus, you can enjoy extraordinary hiking in both the spring and fall.

Visit Pattridge Open Space

If you want to get outside and experience the crisp mountain air, a nice view of the foothills and a great hike, then Pattridge Open Space is definitely something for you. With a number of trails that are perfect for walking, hiking or trailrunning, the combination of ridges and creeks make it a ‘must-do’ for nature lovers near Arvada.

Hiking Trail in Arvada
The Pattridge Open Space provides an easy yet enjoyable hike across the bottom of the foothills between Boulder and Golden, Colorado. With 1.5 miles of hiking trail and limited elevation, it is a nice walk just outside of Arvada, allowing you to get away from the city without traveling too far.

Perfect for Biking
With established trails that run alongside the creek and throughout the flat land, the Pattridge Open Space is a great place for an off-road biking escape. While not too long, cyclists can take alternative routes to experience the entire space in under an hour.

Trail running
Trail runners across Arvada love visiting Pattridge Open Space because it offers the ideal terrain for a great trail run. With some slight elevation on the ridge and its generally dry nature, getting exercise while getting out in nature is a great escape, day or night.

Now that you have the top three things to do in Arvada, you are ready to enjoy!

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