Frozen Shoulder Treatment

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Acupuncture As a Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

If you have ever experienced the painful, disabling condition in your shoulder known as ‘frozen shoulder’, then you understand how important it is to find a remedy as quickly as possible.

With severe shoulder pain, stiffness and the inability to rotate your shoulder, it can certainly interfere with your daily routine. From working to sleeping and everything in-between, frozen shoulder can definitely be considered a serious condition for those affected by it.

However, many people do not know that acupuncture can be one of the most effective treatments for frozen shoulder. By activating the muscles and joints in the area using the Empirical Points, it can greatly reduce inflammation in the shoulder region.


What is Frozen Shoulder?

Named adhesive capsulitis, the symptoms of frozen shoulder are widely known, there is not a true medical definition of the actual cause.

Symptoms of frozen shoulder include severe stiffness, muscle aches and limited movement of the shoulder, which can even result in no movement at all. The external rotation of the joint around the shoulder is restricted, making it both hard and painful to move, drive, sleep and complete other daily activities.


What causes Frozen Shoulder?

While not completely agreed upon by all medical professionals, the cause of frozen shoulder is believed to be the forming of scar tissue within the fibrous capsule that encapsulates the shoulder joint. As the capsule tissue thickens and then contracts around the shoulder, the movement is restricted, while there is a painful ‘grinding’ that occurs when movement is attempted.

The more scar tissue and inflammation that builds, the harder it is the move the shoulder. This is why in extreme cases of frozen shoulder, patients are completely unable to rotate their arms.


Who does Frozen Shoulder affect?

Frozen shoulder is most common in patients between the ages of 40-60, with those who have suffered previous shoulder trauma most susceptible. It is more prominent in women than men, and occurs most often in those who suffer from additional illnesses such as diabetes, thyroid diseases and have cardiovascular problems.

Out of patients that suffer from frozen shoulder, ⅕ will begin to experience it in their other arm, as well. That is why it is important to seek treatment for frozen shoulder in a timely manner.


Acupuncture as a Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

If you are suffering from frozen shoulder or severe shoulder pain and have tried a variety of physiotherapy treatments, stretching exercises and more to no success, then you may begin to give up hope.

However, it has been proven that acupuncture is a powerful treatment for shoulder pain, as it is able to reduce joint inflammation and maximize the rotation in the shoulder once again. By touching on the specific Empirical Points that directly relate to the shoulder, acupuncture can provide a wide range of healing benefits for frozen shoulder.


The Benefits of Acupuncture for Shoulder Pain

We have worked with many patients to cure their frozen shoulder with acupuncture. Our sessions have offered a variety of benefits for shoulder pain, including:

Reducing Shoulder Inflammation
Acupuncture is shown to reduce shoulder inflammation, which directly reduces the symptoms caused by frozen shoulder. By promoting the release of both immunomodulatory factors and optimizing vascularity in the shoulder region, the fibrous capsule is able to move more naturally.

This reduction in shoulder inflammation provides both immediate pain relief, while helping to maximize the mobility and rotation of the shoulder once again.

Reducing Muscle Stiffness
By promoting micro circulation within the shoulder, the diameter and blood flow velocity of the peripheral arterioles lead to less muscle and joint stiffness. As the circulation surrounding the shoulder improves, patients are able to regain their movement, while the buildup of pain slowly releases.

Shoulder Nerve Stimulation
By stimulating the nerves in the muscles and tissues surrounding the shoulder with acupuncture, it is believed that there are a release of endorphins that allow patients to effectively manage pain relief. While this may not directly cure the root cause of the frozen shoulder, it does allow patients to drive, sleep and work without the debilitating pain that it causes.

Acupuncture Sessions for Frozen Shoulder
If you would like to discover how acupuncture can heal your shoulder pain or frozen shoulder, then we encourage you to schedule your acupuncture session today.

We will begin with a diagnostic session that examines your shoulder pain, then develop a strategy to use acupuncture to reduce the pain and stiffness while regaining the mobility in your shoulder.

Then, we recommend a regular program of acupuncture sessions for frozen shoulder that will continue to not only decrease the inflammation and stiffness in your muscles and joints, but gradually get your shoulder back to 100% health.

Contact Avada’s Acupuncture Specialists Today
If you are looking to relieve your frozen shoulder or drastically reduce shoulder pain, then our experienced acupuncture practitioners are ready to assist you.

Rocky Mountain ACU has built a reputation within Arvada and the surrounding area as being the experts for natural, effective shoulder pain relief specialists.

Our alternative health care services ensure that you will not only reduce the symptoms of frozen shoulder, but address the root cause in order to get back full mobility, allowing you to work, sleep and live your life without suffering from the terrible pain in your shoulder.

To schedule your acupuncture session for frozen shoulder now, please contact us today.

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